About Healwell

Healwell International Ltd. is a GMP Certified company with progressive outlook and dedicated to health through homeopathy since 1996. At Healwell, innovation is the soul and imagination is emphasized in whatever we do for our clients with the motto of “Providing Better Health At Lower Cost, Without Side Effects”. Our commitment to health extends beyond human health and business. With focus in quality and processes coupled with research, we have set benchmarks in executing excellence that has translated into a range of Healwell products with difference in value preposition when compared to competitors. Healwell is a pioneer in introducing research based products apart from all dosage forms of homeopathic pharmacopeia preparations in our value chain.

Healwell is a widely spreaded network of more than 400 Wholesalers and 1000 retailers with more than 25000 Doctors, happily prescribing Healwell Homeopathic Medicines for various diseases and disorders. We are also supplying quality homeopathic medicines to various State Governments. Government Institutions, Homeopathic Hospitals & Colleges, GCMMF (AMUL), and various NGOs etc.

Our vision is to provide products and tools to the people for better health at a lower cost without side effects.

Worldwide, there are 5-6 medicinal sciences that are in extensive use. When compared objectively on counts of cost, effectiveness, convenience, side-effects, shelf life, delivery systems, etc. Homeopathy as a medicinal science has proved to be superior as against others for many diseases and health-related problems. We have, therefore, thought of using Homeopathy as a base for developing and offering rational, safe, effective, convenient and economical products to the people world over.

Our Homeopathic products offered under the brand name “HEALWELL” are produced, conforming to pharmacopoeia standards in ultra-modern plant under controlled atmospheric conditions. We have a team of highly qualified personnel to ensure that all products made by us are in tune with the relevant specifications. Our manufacturing facility is GMP certified and Approved by KAPL, a central PSU, for manufacture of veterinary products. We are active member of IDMA, FOHMI, QCI

Sensing the need for constant development, we have created a full-fledged R & D team that is now working on consumer-oriented, application specific and relevant remedies and combinations to help us offer innovative, low-cost and safe products on a regular basis.